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New Vision Advertising Co.,Ltd. Is a professional company in the field of outdoor advertising. Established in 2005, with a team of experienced leaders, the Company is always a pioneer in applying the latest technologies to the construction of various types of outdoor advertising.

Proud of our achievements, we are serving our customers day by day with the motto: “Always put the customer’s interests first”.

With us, you are completely assured of the quality of service as well as the quality of products.

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Prime Advertising Location

Billboard SYSTEM

Newvison Ad billboard system is always placed in prime, attractive locations with high traffic density.

Light box sign on median
Billboards on the wall
Advertising on bus shelters
LED screen


Large billboards (also known as Billboard, Pano) have large sizes placed outdoors to help convey media messages and brand images to customers best.

Products are designed according to modern technology, capable of bearing, vibration, wind resistance. Moreover, billboards are placed on highways, national highways, airports, important intersections... the signs are also designed in the form of artistic mockups, creating attention for products, products and brands.

Light box sign on median

We own many light poles on the median strip of downtown streets. Hanoi. With the specificity and advantage of installation location, this form of advertising is suitable for low visibility and allows easy access to many viewing angles of almost all traffic participants in both directions. Therefore, this is an effective advertising channel chosen by many brands.

Billboards on the wall

Wall-mounted advertising billboards are large-panel outdoor billboards that are very familiar in all parts of the world. This type of billboards appears in great density in the center of big cities, where buildings "sprout like mushrooms".

Advertising panels take advantage of the empty wall on the side or the facade of the buildings to advertise. Billboards have a simplified structure with a fixed iron frame attached to the wall, the billboards surface is usually stretched with Hiflex canvas or some other materials such as: Mica, Alu, Decal, ...

Advertising on bus shelters

Bus shelters - A bus stop or bus stop is a place to wait for an appropriate route for people using public transport, which is a bus.

Advertising on the bus shelter is a low-level outdoor advertising (Besides the form of light box advertising), which is a highly effective way to promote products and services because it can directly reach the customers. bus riders or road users.

LED screen

This is a form of advertising using the most advanced and modern technology, which is indispensable in developed countries around the world as well as in Vietnam.

Change and creativity are always the criteria to help advertising campaigns easily achieve the best results. Before the monotony of traditional static advertising forms, vivid and attractive led screen advertising will be the solution for the communication campaign to achieve the right goals.

Currently, LED advertising screens have an extremely important effect in the field of advertising. While conventional billboards are only used to advertise images, the design of led screens can be replaced, doing extremely well the job of conventional billboards such as allowing advertising of images, videos and images. both vivid sound to attract viewers most effectively.


With more than 500 trusted brands, we will and always “Always put the interests of customers first”


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What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising (English: Outdoor Advertising ) is a form of advertising communication, including all methods of conveying brands and messages from businesses to customers when they are outside their homes. Define Outdoor advertising in English is Outdoor