Hanoi Advertising Association launched the second term Executive Committee

The Congress of the Hanoi Advertising Association for the second term took place on January 11, 2023, and elected the Executive Board for the term 2022-2027, consisting of 9 members, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan assumed the title of Chairman. With many innovations, the activities of the Hanoi Advertising Association, term II, are expected to have many breakthroughs and have a voice contributing to the construction of a favorable legal framework, facilitating the activities of enterprises. The advertising industry flourished.

Ms. Vu Thu Thuy (Department of Grassroots Culture) presents flowers to congratulate the Executive Board of Hanoi Advertising Association for the second term

Looking back at the first term, Vice President and General Secretary of the Hanoi Advertising Association Pham Thanh Minh said that over the years, the Association has had many activities of cooperation, association and support for members in the field of advertising. professional development and protection of members’ legitimate interests. At the same time, it is a bridge between advertising enterprises and state management agencies in perfecting policies and implementing the task of developing a healthy advertising environment in Hanoi.

The association has organized many positive activities, playing an important role in the development of the advertising market, typically coordinating with the Vietnam Retailers Association to advocate for the removal of the advertising cost ceiling in the country. Law on corporate income tax (2013-2014)…

During the first term, in addition to regular activities, the Association successfully carried out and coordinated to implement a number of outstanding activities: coordinated with the Vietnam Advertising Association to successfully organize the Asian Advertising Congress in Vietnam (2013); coordinate with the Vietnam Retailers Association in campaigning to remove the advertising cost ceiling in the corporate income tax law (2013-2014); participate in commenting, criticizing the Regulation on management of outdoor advertising and the planning of advertising in Hanoi city.

New Chairman of Hanoi Advertising Association (on the left)

Some difficulties and problems are also clearly stated: The Executive Committee team is still inexperienced; most of them are business owners, have good business management experience but are not suitable for running professional social organizations; weak finances, not active; the information link between the Association and the management agency is still loose, not regular and tight; mechanisms and policies of the state; pressure from great competition… From these difficulties, the Association pointed out the causes and learned lessons to operate better in the coming time, in which emphasized lessons on improving response capacity. arguments and lessons about the association to support each other and expand the development environment for members as well as expand the influence of the Association in other fields.

The Congress also raised the main orientations in the operation direction of the Association for the second term: Building and developing relationships with state agencies, international and foreign organizations and Association organizations. have the same goal; member development and enhancement of member benefits; organization and human resource development; develop activities/services to generate income for the Association; proactively create a sufficient and stable source of income for the Association.

The solutions offered to ensure the successful implementation of the Association’s operational direction include: Electing enthusiastic, responsible and disciplined members of the Executive Committee; the organization of the apparatus is compact, flexible and efficient; developing members, building a coordination mechanism with state management agencies; building a transparent and effective operating mechanism…

Speaking at the Congress, Ms. Vu Thu Thuy (Department of Grassroots Culture, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) congratulated the Hanoi Advertising Association for successfully organizing the 2nd congress, electing the Executive Committee with enthusiastic and enthusiastic members. blood. Ms. Thuy emphasized that, for a long time, local advertising associations have always been “extended arms” of state management agencies, from which to make management and direction more practical and effective. Hopefully in the coming time, Hanoi Advertising Association will have strong and breakthrough developments, businesses will accompany, support and develop together. Especially here, the Association will have a practical voice to contribute to amending and supplementing the Law on Advertising, creating a favorable legal corridor for the Vietnamese advertising industry to develop more strongly.

New Chairman of the Hanoi Advertising Association Tran Anh Tuan said that the Association’s members will stand together, accompany and support each other so that the Association’s steps in the coming time will be substantive, effective and practical. strong breakthrough.


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