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Do you really understand what outdoor advertising is? What types of outdoor advertising are there? The main trends of outdoor advertising… And there are many, many pieces of the puzzle that you are looking for to understand the big picture of outdoor advertising.

This article will help you find those pieces. Once you really understand this form of advertising, you will easily choose the right outdoor campaigns for your business to optimize business performance.

In recent years, the outdoor advertising industry’s sales have reached about 1 billion USD, accounting for nearly 20% of the overall sales of the advertising industry…

According to a survey by the market research company TNS, up to 80% of the population of Ho Chi Minh City prefers to travel on the street. With this data, it is easy to understand why recently, outdoor advertising activities have become more active.

1. Outdoor advertising- new concept?

In the past, when hearing about outdoor advertising, many people immediately think of large billboards on rooftops, exterior walls of high-rise buildings, along highways, riverbanks, etc. one of the traditional types of outdoor advertising, called “billboard” by people in the profession.

However, according to a new concept, outdoor advertising is understood as “out of home” (OOH), ie all types of advertising that affect consumers when they step outside the house they live in. According to this concept, many types of advertising, even though it is “indoor”, are still classified as “outdoor”, for example advertising in elevators, in supermarkets, in public telephone booths, cinemas, and in the lobby of shops. building…

2. Types of outdoor advertising

Currently, the types of outdoor advertising appear very diverse. Depending on the nature of the product or service to be advertised, customers choose the appropriate form of advertising in four basic types:

“billboard” is a high-level advertisement, suitable for advertising materials, industrial goods, construction, post and telecommunications or perennial consumer products such as televisions, refrigerators, cars…

Meanwhile, the type of “street furniture” advertises at low levels such as bus shelters, kiosks or banners on the street. Suitable for everyday consumer products such as fast food, cosmetics, etc.

There are also types of mobile advertising (transit) on means of transport and other forms of advertising in the form of image displays. The message is conveyed in crowded commercial and service areas, expressed through posters, brochures, leaflets… collectively known as POSM (points of sale materials).

In addition to traditional advertising forms such as drawing boards, light boxes, electronic projection boards, etc., many advertising companies are exploiting high-tech advertising types. For example, LED screens, LCD screens, interactive touch screens (with consumers), technology to project 3D images into space (holovision) …

3. Shifting trends in outdoor advertising

From the image taken from the global report on the trend of the outdoor advertising market, it can be seen that the types of outdoor advertising groups such as Billboard, street furniture, transit, etc. tend to increase. In particular, the strongest increase is the type of Transit – advertising on means of transport. Some brief rationales to justify advertising on vehicles are as follows:

The feature in urban areas, not only in Vietnam today, is a large and very large population. The number of vehicles moving daily is always very high. Especially with the proposed solutions to reduce congestion through the increase of public transport such as bus, BRT, sky train. Currently, in Hanoi, there are at least 91 bus routes with more than 1200 buses numbered from 1 to 79, with adjacent bus routes from Hanoi to provinces from 202 to 209 (according to the data until the end of June). 2016) excluding peak times such as the Lunar New Year, the average number of vehicles increased to 30 vehicles.

Up to now, this number has been significantly increased through the expansion of a number of bus routes (eg bus 33..) and BRT bus routes are also being expanded. As for taxis, by the end of March 2016, Hanoi has about 25 major taxi companies that can carry out advertising campaigns on taxis on demand (according to Danhbataxi.com). That is not until the end of 2016, Open99 taxi (with the previous name “Mai Linh Dong Do taxi) officially separated from Mai Linh taxi.

Buses and taxis are characterized by continuous and flexible movement throughout the city. Pedestrians will always “must” see advertisements on bus and taxi bodies. Since then, the brand’s identity will also be significantly increased. Even in the provinces, there are also taxi companies operating (typically Mai Linh taxi). Outdoor advertising is following the trend of forcing more creativity to survive. And a special feature of this type of advertising that not everyone can easily know is that outdoor advertising activities have the “3-second rule”. This means that an advertising message has only 3 seconds for a person on a bicycle, car, or bus to pass by and absorb the advertising message.

Specifically, in Vietnam, paying for outdoor advertising space or for advertising space along the road may not be effective, which is caused by the lack of order in the advertising business market. outdoor (especially those advertising on the street).

Another weakness of outdoor ads is that it is difficult for them to stand out among so many activities, bustle and messages at every corner of the street. Advertising should be placed on TV, into digital devices (depending on the audience and objective of the ad) and we will motivate consumers to buy a product or service.

4. The potential of the outdoor advertising market

Recently, outdoor advertising has been increasingly interested by businesses and the demand for this type of advertising has also increased steadily over the years, according to statistics from the 2016 global outdoor advertising market report as below.

When searching on Google Trends with the keyword “outdoor advertising”, I get a graph that has not had too many strong fluctuations but has a certain level of change. Since then, the interest in this type of advertising is gradually improving.

According to TNS, in recent years, the outdoor advertising industry’s sales reached about 1 billion USD, accounting for nearly 20% of the total revenue of the advertising industry. The potential of this type of advertising, which is ignored, is huge. The facts about the potential number of OOH will surprise many marketers. Among them, some of the most notable points are that the trend of population growth in cities will continue to lead to the inevitable development of outdoor advertising. Different from other forms of advertising such as advertising in mass media, advertising on the internet is a form that viewers can choose to see or not to see. Outdoor advertising catches the eye of passersby in the most natural ways and they cannot turn off the ads or switch channels like with the above forms.

Unique Advertising is one of the companies that has realized the wide potential of this seemingly little-interested type of advertising and has promoted the construction of Unique Outdoor Agency – an agency specializing in providing advertising services. Comprehensive and optimal outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is a form of advertising with reasonable and stable costs, the price volatility is not too high compared to other types of advertising. Recently, this form of advertising has really received more attention from businesses. Why are businesses so focused on investing in digital media advertising that they forget this extremely effective form of advertising – outdoor advertising?

Hopefully with the sharing from Unique Outdoor Agency, you will have a more comprehensive view of this potential form of advertising. More importantly, you will be able to choose for your business the right type of outdoor advertising to optimize your business performance.

Trang Nguyen
Unique Outdoor Agency

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